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From the blog: What's new

New video
Boost your Quality

The community team did a 1-hour deep dive into the more command -- it's more powerful than you think!

Win $225 in cash prizes
AI Fashion challenge

We're looking for great fashion prompts! Three winners and a random $50 cash drawing for participation

New Feature
Prompt in any language

Simply start a prompt with /translate and type in any language, easy as that. Works in all Graydient apps

New Feature
Background Remover

You can now remove the background of any uploaded or AI-created image, fill it in any color, save it as a transparent PNG

New Feature
Rotate an image in 1 step

Use the Remix command and just type /spin. For best results, use the Remove Background Tool first

Fresh Models
New Checkpoints & LoRAs

The holidays came early: Over 3,000 fine-tuned AI models are now preloaded on the Graydient Cloud, across all apps

New Feature
Face Swap

You can now upload a face into your Cloud Drive and use AI to face swap into another picture. You too can be Guy Fiere!

For Devs
REST API now available

Use the full power of the Graydient Platform in your apps and bots - build anything with our no-fuss API

New Feature
ControlNet Web

WebUI is now Stable2go and has a brand new look! You can also upload poses and photos to use with ControlNet

Contest Update
September Winners

Congratulations to our talented winners of The Fabulous Hair challenge, and a new Halloween Challenge has begun

Models Update
SDXL now available

You can now try SDXL with tools like remix, more, and inpaint. (Important: SDXL is not compatible with SD1.5 Loras or TIs)

1 Year Anniversary
Introducing Polly GPT

We're announcing our first Large Language Model, Polly GTP, and you can try it today. Many small updates too