About Graydient

About us

GRAYDIENT is building the A.I. platform you'll actually use

Graydient has helped thousands of people adopt Artificial Intelligence into their lives for the very first time. We do this by reducing their technical barriers on multiple levels, through a subscription service that's good for both work and play. Whether it is generative art for sale, or tricking an A.I. parrot into writing a funky tune, we have the apps.

What we do

Futuristic Software

A.I. subscriptions for everyone: Unique apps that run fast, even on low-power devices Try it

A.I. Platform

Build your MVP in a week. For devs and entrepreneurs: APIs that make building A.I. solutions fast and scalable Try it

A.I. Communities

We're building niche communities and social media destinations, powered by Graydient Platform




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Million Images created


Openly building

Graydient Inc is a US-based C-corp with staff in California, Florida, Philippines, Pakistan, and Japan.

Together, we are building an A.I. platform that best serves the community.

As a privately funded company, we only answer to our customers and developers building to our platform. We are lean, fast, notorious, and profitable.

Trusted by so many talented creators
we come from GAMING

Not our first rodeo

Graydient's founders each have over 20 years of web and app development experience. We've built multiple properties that have grown into millions of monthly users, from a Spanish-language search engine acquired by Yahoo, custom shopping sites, an airline website, and the content backbone of an esports company that went public on NASDAQ. And yet, GRAYDIENT is the company that we've always wanted to build, so we did.


Yanier Gonzalez

Chief Executive Officer
Yanier is the founder of multiple gaming websites like Destructoid.com, esports apps like Upcomer, and more

Thomas Lackner

Chief Technical Officer
Thomas is the founder of PirateDiffusion and has scaled dot coms to millions of users

Now Hiring

Various Positions
Hiring Sales, Marketing, PR, and Elixir programmers. Passion is important, location is not.

Let's build something amazing together: