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Launch a Generative A.I. Chat bot or Image Generator. Turnkey Templates available.
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No brainer.

Turnkey Solution. Code your own, or resell our finished apps. Supports prompts in 50 languages out of the box.

Built for speed. Power your project with SDXL, Stable Diffusion 1.5, guide and launch modern LLMs, and more

No boot time, no waiting. Our REST API is always on, high availability guaranteed with Enterprise plans

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Our clients love our "very usable" API

Any Model

Thousands of top A.I. models on fast GPUs


Build what your users want. Allow certain content, or not

Safety APIs

Automatic pre & post detection, with sensitivity threshhold

Less than $0.01 per image, up to 9 per call

No hidden fees. No penalties. No contracts.

Launch your A.I. website or app faster

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/mo annual

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

Start building today. If you’re not happy, for whatever reason, you can cancel anytime. No scary contracts or awkward sales tactics, we’re legit.

*Content Safety means a series of software precautions to ensure that your end-user is following the desired guardrails of your application. Our safety features include lists of potentially dangerous or controversial topics in 50 languages, top celebrity names, pre-prompt risk calibration, age detection, post-image generation content awareness, the ability to remove a specific visual concept (SPM) and account-level risk scores. We can point your developers in the direction of building it locally, or lease it from us as an API call for just 0.01 more per 1000. We provide an easy risk threshhold slider on sample data in your Enterprise dashboard. Of course, no automated system is a complete substitute for social media moderators, but our software offers a great first line of defense.

Custom Development is available. We can build your entire AI image solution, including credit card payments

Why work with Graydient? We asked our clients; and here's what they said:

"It was easy"

We'll build your entire generative images website for you, or do it yourself with our easy API

"Had what I wanted"

Text-to-image, Img2Img, Upscale 4X, In+Out paint, ControlNet, XL Refiner, Pix2Pix, Roop & more

"Upfront prices"

There's no surprises, and our introductory hobby tier comes with unlimited personal use

"The best models"

Over 2500 on-demand CKPT, Lora, Embeddings. We support SDXL Fine-Tuned models, too

"Not shady"

We support NSFW AI content, and we're also tough on illegal AI content. You can count on us

"Impeccable Support"

We're always live, chat with us anytime -- we're online NYC business hours, and Japan hours

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Graydient was extremely helpful through the development phase and we're up and running already, much appreciated

Product Manager

I made so many sales by week two, with no development cost, so this worked out perfectly. And now I'm back for V2

Small Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the API documentation?

Everything you need to start is here:

Note: You must be logged in with a PLUS account to generate an API key.  Send yourself a 2FA link

Is there a software license or service level agreement?

Our service is intended to be used in a similar fashion to a traditional web hosting company. We not ask for rights or ownership to your software.  As such, we grant API clients a plain language Graydient Software License so your partners and MVP fundraising activities are unburdened.  We can provision additional hardware and provide a service level agreement for Enterprise Plan clients.

Which models are included? Can I add my own?

We have the top 5,000 Stable Diffusion models preloaded on fast NVME drives, as well as top LLM models. If we don’t have what you need, we can usually add it within 72 hours.

Can you explain the API pricing? Why does it say less than 0.01, per image but it says 0.05 API?

Our API is priced per call, not per image.  The simpler the request is, the more images we’ll return in one call, if desired.

For example, it’s possible to return two 1024×1024 SDXL images within 8 seconds using an LCM sampler, but it may take 60 seconds using a Karras DPM 2++ sampler and a dozen Loras/Embeddings. For 512×512 SD15 images using the slower sampler, we can return as many as 9 images for the same cost. It’s up to you. If that didn’t quite answer your question or use case, please chat with us.

How long do images take to generate?

We typically send back five different images back within 30 seconds, but never longer than 60 seconds. Our goal is to run much faster than the typical $3000 gaming computer, at a tiny fraction of the price, with all the best content across all your devices, and zero tech headaches. 

What kind of hardware runs this?

Our hardware is extraordinary: Servers with 48 logical compute cores, 250GB of RAM, fast SSD drives. We work hard to make our service run much faster than typical phones and computers. This means we own and lease hardware like A100s, A6000s, RTX 4090s, and so on.

Will all my customers's phone, laptop, or tablets be supported?

As we’re doing everything on the cloud, the client can use almost any device. We’re not draining their battery nor filling up their storage space. Roll your own storage or use ours: all plans come with 50GB of fast SSD cloud storage

Can my users make avatars with their photos?

Quite a lot is possible as we offer Img2Img, ControlNet, LoRA, Instruct Pix2Pix, Inpaint, and Outpaint.  There is one limitation: At this time we do not offer LoRA or Checkpoint creation on demand, so multiple poses require multiple input images.

Are there any hidden fees or catches?

We hate hidden fees when dealing with software and hosting companies, so we are not those people. What you see on this page is exactly what appears on your invoice. If you require customizations that falls out of scope, we will always provide a fair estimate in advance.

Do you offer ControlNet and LoRA?

Yes, and our apps have multiple solutions to create the poses you want. You can use Inpaint, LoRA, and ControlNet within our apps to get the exact pixel-perfect look.

Can other people see my customer's pictures?

The general public, and our  communities do not have direct access to your customer renders, and reasonable efforts are made to retain client data away from staff and moderators. There is an exception as it pertains to content safety:

Graydient has automated and random monitoring systems in place for quality assurance. We ask all API clients to add their own checks and assurances to ensure that all of their client images are within our terms of service.

Please check our privacy policy for more information about third party APIs and other reporting services as required by local laws.

How do the chat bots work?

There are multiple chat bots included in your plan, and each does slightly different things. There are also VIP chats with developers, real people, that is part of your subscription at no extra cost. A lot of people are trying AI for the first time, so part of our service is guiding you through the core concepts of AI image generation, so we offer a wide range of chat bot experiences, from help with creating images to telling jokes or recipes.

What's your content policy?

Graydient operates within the laws of the US and Japan, meaning we keep a close eye on AI litigation and adjust our platform as the landscape changes.

At the moment, we are allowed to provide uncensored and unlocked models, meaning potentially unsafe chats and uncensored content is allowed, however we have zero tolerance for underage images, real or fake (CSAM)

What's your refund and data migration policy?

For API use, we will honor the 7-day free trial for the Starter / rate limited plan. Business and Enterprise plans are not refundable, but have easy out contracts with 30 day notice. Just give us a shout and we can wind down any dedicated services within 30 days.

Your customer data is your responsibility. Regarding migrations: We will not migrate or FTP your data to other services, though can connect you to a consultant that can help. Please note that all accounts older than 90 days will be deleted following a content safety compliance procedure.

Who are the non-AI, meat-and-bones humanoids behind this?

Graydient co-founders Yanier and Thomas built websites like Destructoid, Upcomer, and Classic dot com. We’ve worked as professional web developers for over 20 years. This is not our first rodeo, and take great pride and care of our community. We built Graydient with our own money, because we couldn’t quite find anything like it. We hope to grow this into something wonderful for the Stable Diffusion community at large.


Get help starting up

Our team is ready to talk about your specific use case and provide code samples. You don't have to drop a grand to talk to us, just tell us your story. We're happy to sign NDAs to get started.

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