Graydient Pass – Personal A.I. Subscriptions

VIP pass to unlimited A.I.

Unlimited renders in Stable Diffusion XL, generative A.I. bots, and communities

MyStable WebUI

Web App by Graydient

Included in all plans: Your own private Stable Diffusion XL website and cloud storage drive. Access and edit all your images and prompts from any devices.

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Pirate Diffusion

Chat Bot by Tlack305

All Plans: Now with SDXL - Stable Diffusion XL. The world's most powerful Telegram chat bot. Integrated with both MyStable and also Polly GPT, all three render directly into your cloud drive.

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Polly GPT

Chat Bot by Tlack305 and Soda415

PLUS plans only: There's no need to DAN unlock Polly, it's already drunk. Trained on 30 Billion parameters, this large language model knows Stable Diffusion commands, writes raps, tells crazy stories

Queer Diffusion

Community by Jsumsum & Eggs Benadryl

All Plans: Request an invite in VIP Chat - A safe space for A.I. that's self-governed, it's an amazing community to create with other LGBTQ A.I. enthusiasts, with many specialized models for, well, you know.

NSFW dalle

Community by FortunateBeard

All Plans: Stable Diffusion is amazing for making naked people, absurd comedy, and painting boobs on everything. Learn how to create NSFW content in our live prompt groups everyday

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