Graydient announces offshore AI model training service and API, from Japan


Graydient Platform Expands AI Model Training Capabilities to Central Japan, Available to Global Customers

February 12, 2024 – Graydient Platform, a leading provider of Generative AI products and model training solutions, proudly announces a significant enhancement to its services with physical presence in Nagoya, Japan. This service is in demand by AI model makers training on public internet data, in the only country that has a clear framework that protects both the AI entrepreneurs and legacy copyright holders. It also affords an extra layer of anonymity, similar to private domain name registration, when the model is intended for licensing and commercial use.


Graydient CEO Yanier Gonzalez highlights the significance of offshore model training, stating, “This is a real headache for fast-moving AI businesses. You can be in a completely different line of business and find yourself in an argument about an insignificant data point in your model. This is catching well-meaning business off guard, and they have very few options when responding to an allegation. Graydient is leveling the playing field while the law in Western countries are creating a window for troll lawsuits. Japan has recognized that the act of training is not necessarily copyright infringement in and of itself, while also protecting copyright holders from being exploited by bad actors.”  


Graydient’s offshore model trainer is available in three tiers: Enterprise, Business, and Personal Plus. 


Enterprise customers can trust Graydient to encrypt, privatize, and secure their models using heightened security protocols and convenient content safety integrations. With complete offshore training and governance, with English-speaking staff and physical hardware present in central Japan, as the authorized trainer and records custodian.  

Business customers and App Developers can also use our robust API to create unique experiences, a-la-carte. “Cost-wise, it’s a no-brainer”, adds Gonzalez, “Creators don’t have to buy an  expensive gaming computer, or rent machines by the hour. With Graydient, they can even catalog, tag, and train and test new AI models from a last-generation smartphone.”

For hobbyists and enthusiasts, Graydient’s consumer website brings the ease and power of model training to a simple browser interface. The platform now provides unlimited LoRa model training starting starting from $14/mo, which includes unlimited image rendering, unlimited upscaling, inpainting, controlnet, adetailer, embeddings, and 8 terabytes of preloaded checkpoints on the cloud, with up to 200GB of personal cloud storage. It’s a lot of technology at very affordable price.


Gonzalez adds “We have clients in industries like gaming and fashion, who are worried about custodial data set errors from a vendor or from an obscure corner of the enterprise, and that mistake is very hard to reverse after models are trained and merged. It’s a potentially very expensive mistake that we can not only help mitigate, but also remove in real-time though various proprietary techniques. This ensures that our customers can pursue innovation without the fear of inadvertently violating copyrights, react quickly at the API level when incidents are discovered, and also provide the raw computer power as well as convenient software to train and generate on the Graydient Cloud.

Graydient’s expansion to Japan allows model creators the benefit from a legal environment that accommodates AI model training on any works*, including accidentally cited copyrighted works, to reduce risk coming from unknown corners of the enterprise, thanks to Japan’s progressive legal stance in this domain.  “We want to be very clear that we have zero tolerance for piracy and publish very clear terms of use. This service is for lawful creators in countries where AI regulation is already considered hostile or restrictive. As long as the resulting models are not intentionally created to violate copyrights, Graydient can help reduce your risk.”

Graydient’s offshore model trainer products are a headwind at a time of legal uncertainty in the West. It comes with custodial proof where it matters most, and peace of mind to stakeholders worldwide. 

About Graydient 

Graydient, Inc. is a privately-held leading provider of AI model training solutions in Wyoming, USA, dedicated to empowering developers and innovators worldwide. Creators can unlock the best open-source models on a fast, resilient compute cloud, powerful apps, and diverse fandom communities worldwide. Entrepreneurs can generate passive income by becoming an affiliate or white-label reseller, with full API access with prompts supported in 50 languages. With a commitment to accessibility, legal compliance, and cutting-edge technology, Graydient continues to push the boundaries.

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Article 30-4 of the Copyright Act applies to actions that do not impair recovery opportunities and do not normally harm the interests of copyright holders protected by copyright law. In addition, the same article stipulates that the law shall be limited to the extent deemed necessary and shall not apply in cases where it does not harm the interests of the copyright holder. In this way, Japan’s copyright law has provisions that take into consideration the interests of copyright holders, taking into account the actual state of use. Within this current framework, Japanese regulations permit the usage of any resource for the training of AI models.” –Minister of State, Mr. Nagaoka 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is adult content allowed?

The Graydient API is not intended to be used adult content.  For the adult content use case, we recommend partnering with the world’s most downloaded and advanced adult AI models, including the unreleased versions of URPM XL, at Disclosure: Graydient is a consultant and shareholder of Suplex, Inc. 

Q: Can I own my own API?

It’s possible, however your own API isn’t necessary for the privacy and security of your own models, this is available as a service in Graydient Enterprise which comes with stringent security and storage perks. However, we are open to taking on consulting for this use case. For companies that want to create their own API endpoint and turnkey generation service for your exclusive models, please book a call with us to discuss a joint venture, Incubator or Enterprise program trial.