Getting Started with My.Graydient

Welcome to Graydient

Graydient is a family-owned software company with a diverse team from the US to Japan. We host Generative Images & Large Language A.I. Models, and are also the creators of unique software like PirateDiffusion, Stable2go, LoRaMaker, and PollyGPT.

What we stand for: We think A.I. is the coolest thing ever, and have no time to explain it to the haters. Our community wants to work and play with the best A.I. models, unlocked, as their creators intended, even on an old potato phone or pc. If you are directly supporting our mission, truly, thank you so very much! Your contribution helps us eat (mostly gas station food)
-- Thomas Lackner & Yanier Gonzalez,  Processed Meat Connoisseurs & Co-Founders

How to use our Platform

Whether you're here today for generating images, talking to chat bots, or building an app, the first step is to login to

My.Graydient is your command center -- one login for all of your apps and models. Use it to access unlimited images across all Graydient tools. All of your images, prompts, presets, and favorites can be found here. Developers, your API keys and reporting is also here.

Existing Customers & Forgotten Passwords

If you're new to My.Graydient, or just have a PirateDiffusion account, start by sending yourself this secure login link. That link acts like a password, bookmark it!

Past Customers - Please renew with Graydient directly

If you already have an old Patreon account but it has long expired, please renew on Graydient directly. You will not lose your images by cancelling your Patreon account. Please consider supporting us directly. Of course, you can still purchase with Patreon too, we will continue to support both methods.

Trouble logging into

Accounts created before 2024 should register for this new dashboard feature by clicking Sign Up, even though you technically do have an account.

For example, if you have a Patreon and a Telegram account, but you've never logged in to My.Graydient. This won't replace your old account or wipe your images, it is just creating a signup profile for the dashboard. It will send you a 2FA email to confirm, and you can reclaim your account. The dashboard lets you switch between spaces/communities easily.

Documentation and Video Tutorials

Each tool has its own focused documentation: To get started, choose a tool first

Can we help with something else?

Please contact us anytime by email or Telegram chat: Contact us

Have fun!